Raw Foods That Put You in the Mood

Move over oysters and chocolate!

Did you know there are a ton of fruits and vegetables that have historically been touted to possess divine aphrodisiacal powers? It should come as no surprise as raw fruits and vegetables, with their varied shapes, textures, colors, and juices are, without a doubt, some of the most sensuous foods out there.

Can you imagine a more ecstatic food experience than biting into say, a perfectly ripe, succulent, juicy peach (or mango? or…insert-your-favorite-fruit)? One might even argue that all fruits and vegetables, in their heavenly, sensual, natural state have aphrodisiac qualities – after all, fruits are the sex organs of plants! Here I have listed some interesting and juicy tidbits about a few of these raw goodies – some you may already be familiar with, others may come as a surprise, followed by a couple sexy raw creations I’ve come up with that are sure to get your juices flowing!

1. Arugula (rocket) – in Ancient Roman times, arugula was consecrated to Priapus, a minor fertility god who was portrayed as having an enormous phallus. The Romans also used it in various love concoctions, as it was believed to be a potent stimulant. Either way, this spicy green is sure to heat things up!

2. Asparagus – Lauded for its aphrodisiacal properties, 19th Century grooms consumed 3 courses of asparagus, hoping to boost their sexual prowess.

3. Avocado – the name comes from the Aztec for “testical tree” since avocados hang in pairs, bearing resemblance to the male genitalia. Accordingly, Aztec women were not allowed out of the house during its harvest as it was thought to be a sexual stimulant. Rich in Folate, B6. C, E and certain phytochemicals, it has been theorized that these nutrients, in conjunction with compounds found in other foods may heighten feelings of love. I don’t know about that, but I do know that I’ve had an ongoing love affair with this rich, creamy, sinful treat for as long as I can remember….

4. Banana – Aside from its phallic shape and creamy texture, it contains the enzyme bromelain, which some studies have demonstrated improves male performance. The banana is also high in the B vitamins and potassium, which are necessary for the manufacture of sex hormones.

5. Basil – has long been thought to increase fertility and libido. The smell of basil, it has been said, is particularly exciting to men; women have even been known to scent their breasts with it in hopes of attracting a lover. Also reputed to increase circulation, thereby making it an effective male “enhancer”.

6. Black sesame – Traditionally used in Chinese Medicine to increase fertility. It is thought to purify the kidneys where the “essence” is held.

7. Celery – contains androsterone, a male hormone, which research has shown, is released in sweat to attract females. Celery has been used through the ages as a cure for impotence and is also rumored to increase the volume of male “emissions” when eaten in large quantities…hmmm.

8. Figs – Ancient Greeks engaged in orgiastic celebrations of new crops. Also, when split in half, figs are said to resemble female genitalia.

9. Maca – Very popular these days among raw foodists, studies have suggested this “superfood” tones and balances the hormones in men and women, increasing both fertility and sexual appetite. Try it and see for yourself!

10. Mango – The flower of the mango tree, according to myth, represents cupid’s arrow; its fruit, succulent breasts producing highly aphrodisiac nectar. The mango is taken all over SE Asia as a supplement to increase virility.

11. Pineapple – A homeopathic remedy for erectile dysfunction, pineapple is also purported to make sexual secretions taste sweeter.

12. Strawberries – According to myth, when Adonis died, Venus wept inconsolably and her tears, upon hitting the earth, transformed into heart-shaped strawberries. Another superstition has it that when you halve a strawberry and offer it up to a potential mate, he/she can’t help but fall in love with you. Moreover, due to its high malic acid content, strawberries are a natural tooth-whitener; eat them to make your mouth extra kissable!

13. Vanilla & Almond – Used in aromatherapy, as their scents have been shown to produce feelings of lust, particularly in women.

And now for those randy recipes:

Mojo Maca
1 Cup almond milk
1 Cup water
Vanilla beans, scraped from pod, to taste
2 Dates, stoned
1 Large, ripe, frozen Banana
1 Tbs. black sesame butter
2 Tbs. maca powder

Blend until creamy smooth, insert 2 straws and share with your paramour, like two giddy teenagers in a soda shop.

Rocket to Venus
2-3 handfuls Arugula
3 cups water
2 large, super-ripe mangos
1/2-1 Cup strawberries
1/2- Cup blueberries
1 large, ripe banana

Blend until smooth and let the flavors burst in your mouth. This is surprisingly delicious; even my son likes it, and believe me, ladies, he is already quite the Casanova!

As you can see, the aphrodisiac claims of food consist of a lot of folklore, a little (questionable) science, but a whole lotta fun…I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Bon appetit and bon amour!

An Important Native American Weapon – The Bow and Arrow

It is easy to picture Native American braves thundering across the plains on their horses, bows drawn. They would be in pursuit of a buffalo herd. Daring and swift, these men would use these simple implements to provide food for the tribe. It is all the more impressive when you realize how basic the tools that were available to make the bow and arrows. Using only flint implements, the Native American artisan would first shape a length of wood. Sinew would be used for the bow string. After the arrow shafts were formed, arrow heads of flint, wood, or bone were made. Regardless of the simplicity of the craft, bows of great elegance and beauty were made.

They were only able to make the bows themselves because only stone tools were available to Native American artisans,. Although composite bows are considered to be superior in performance to the self made bows, the Indian archer was still a match for anyone throughout the world. The excellent craftsmanship of Native American bows and arrows began from one piece of wood. It would have been chosen with care to make sure it was approximately the correct diameter. Only a minimum of detailing was possible due to the flint tools used to shape the bow.

Notches at the ends of the bow would hold the string in place. Sinew was the material of choice although sometimes plant fiber might be used for the string. Sinew is extremely strong and tough and was readily available from the animals they hunted. The design of the bow could be very simple and utilitarian, or it could be decorated. Feathers and fur were the favorite decorative items. Such was the strength of the bow and the skill of the hunter, that game of nearly any size could be brought down by one of these bows.

To bring this classic cultural item into your home today is easy. Any wall can be brightened and personalized with the addition of a Native American bows and arrows. Placing a bow and arrows over a fireplace will give a pleasing result. Decorating in a southwest style involves bringing various diverse elements together for a total look. You can bring the rest of the room into focus by adding a bow and arrows, or even several to form a collection,. It can be especially effective when combined with such items as horsehair pottery, a collection of rattles or dream catchers. Native American bows and arrows can contribute a masculine touch to a den or a boy’s bedroom.