Leveraging The Interest in Food to Boost Your Retail Business

Food is hot right now thanks to successful TV shows and spin off cookbooks and magazines. Right around the world, people are watching food television shows in record numbers.

This extraordinary interest in food can be leveraged by any retailer to drive shopper traffic and sales, regardless of the products offered by the store.

It is easy to connect just about any category of products back to food. Here are some ideas based on different retail store categories:

Newsstand. Create a dining table display with a selection of food titles. This will guide customers to buy multiple titles at once. The display ought to look like a real table setting – maybe replicate an image from in one of the magazines.

Cards and stationery. Food in this space is all about creating a wonderful experience from the invitations to the place settings to the menu. Show how the products you sell can enhance the invited in-home food dining experience. With simple stationery items you have a wonderful opportunity to show how to deliver an exceptional food experience in the home.

Gifts. Seek out products on your shelves which could work as gifts for the host, gifts for diners or be used in some other way to enhance the dining experience. Show how the products work with an in-context stunning visual display.

Homewares. This is easy. Create the dining experience in-store with a beautiful table setting, a busy kitchen setting or even a simple small place setting with each display showing how your products enhance the in-home foodie experience. It is vitally important to show how your products work.

Fashion. The options here are endless. Consider a series of displays over weeks of showing how people can dress for different food occasions from the clothing you sell. From a foodie picnic through to a formal dinner – depending on the types of clothes you sell. Give the series a name, the foodie dining series, something catching which speaks to your target customers.

Hair and Nail Salon. Create a window display showing a dining setting using mannequins and arrows pointing to how styling from you can enhance the experience for the hosts and guests. The goal with such a display is to make it look different to what people would expect in a nail or hair salon – this will draw their attention.

Outdoors. Recreate an outdoor foodie experience in your store and get your customers wanting to buy your products to recreate this at home. This is an excellent opportunity to have cooking days where you take the static display and turn it into something tasty and enticing.

Baby. Babies attend all sorts of events from birthdays to family gatherings to special occasions like baptisms – where each has a food opportunity. Consider creating a display for a baby party showing off what to wear for these occasions.

Hardware. People working at home or elsewhere and using hardware lines like hammers, power tools, timber and the like work up a real appetite. Consider a themed display of food for the hard workers. Maybe even connect with a local cafe or restaurant.

While each of these ideas is about how to create something which is visually enticing and stunning, retailers could easily take them further and create special events offering food to further showcase the opportunities.

There are many ways you can connect the worldwide interest in food back with your retail store. Right now the opportunity is considerable. Go out, have fun and help your customers have fun too.

From Arrows to Ghillie Suits: For a Perfect Hunting Experience

Hunting has been part of the human race since thousands of years ago. It began out of necessity, a prerequisite for food and nourishment and a task man couldn’t survive without. Later when man discovered domestication and agriculture, hunting still played a large role in early lives and only evolved from that point forth. Man started to use bows and arrows, then spears, then later on because of domestication, other animals even aided them during their hunt. At the present age, man had become so adept at the activity that he could kill an array of animals a man from the past could only dream of.

Man has gone a long way. When earlier men used wood and stone, the men of today use metal and plastic. Now there are numerous methods that a hunter can use to find his game and equally numerous choices of apparel he can utilize. One such example of the evolution of hunting gear is the ghillie suit. The suit is designed to camouflage the wearer by mimicking thick foliage. When prehistoric men used twigs and leaves from the ground to cover themselves, modern man designed a synthetic type of clothing one only needs to slip on to be camouflaged. Originally developed in Scotland, it is now used by militaries of different nations.

Yet in the present world filled with instant noodles and vending machines, it might be hard to believe that hunting is still being practiced today. Just as it was during the days of man’s prehistoric ancestors, hunting is still very much alive. But why? One might think there is no need, for the average man today does not spend his life constantly hustling through thick shrubbery and fearing for his safety each moment. Oh no, he spends it doing quite the opposite: sitting on a couch and surfing channels or doing paperwork at a cubicle in the office. Times have changed drastically. But what might come as a shock to any caveman who had to risk his life to get a meal thousands of years ago would be that now, modern man engages in that life risking activity for the mere fun of it. Yes, he now crawls through the undergrowth, wades in mud and smells like an animal because hunting is now regarded as a leisure activity.

Now one cannot be surprised that the word “game” is associated with hunting for a reason. To hunters, game is what they call what they are hunting, usually mammals or birds. The entire activity is much like a child’s game as well. There is a prize, and only through cunning, resourcefulness and skill will one be able to get it. The rush and adrenaline that was once a need born from desperation has now morphed into the thrill that hunters seek and relish.

However, like with any game, there are rules. And although it is the human race that carries the gun around this planet, it doesn’t mean brandishing it carelessly is acceptable. There are seasons when animals must be left in peace. There are animals that just cannot be hunted. And there are manners of killing game that cannot be tolerated, such as torture. Failure to play by the rules does not reflect skill, only deception and desperation. It is still a life that a hunter takes away, and there are many laws that attempt to balance the value of this life with that of the sport. It is the duty of the hunter to recognize this and to follow it wholeheartedly.