7 Foods That Burn Fat – Healthy Options For Your Meal

Getting into shape oftentimes mean that you have to cut down on foods…that you have to starve. However, there are some types of foods that you can eat all you want, but would still not pose any risk to your health. These are the foods that burn fat.

Oatmeal – Packed with soluble fiber, oatmeal is probably the best at busting your tires around your belly. Oatmeal does great wonders to the digestive system. One serving satiates really well, and can in fact, help rid your digestive system off its nasty acids. Oatmeal is also known for lowering bad cholesterol levels.

Avocado – True, avocado is packed with fats, but the right sorts of fat that you want in your body – the fatty acids. It also provides a healthy dose of dietary fiber.

Cayenne pepper – Granted, you can eat a teaspoon of cayenne pepper every day, you can probably lose several pounds in no time. It has excellent thermodynamic properties, which can trigger your body to burn energy even while you’re not doing anything.

Lean meat – If you want to burn fat easily, you have to go for foods that can help build your muscles. These have loads of amino acids that are the building blocks of any muscle tissue.

Citrus fruits – Citrus fruits are, in general, efficient in triggering metabolism. These have potent Vitamin C that can dilute fat easily.

Garlic – You don’t have to look farther than your own kitchen if you want to have a food that can help you burn calories. Garlic has natural properties that can trigger weight loss by encouraging the uptake of thermogenesis of the body.

Apples – Here’s the arrow: apples are good fat burners because of pectin, a nutrient that limits fat absorption while increasing the absorption of water substances at cellular level.

The Cadaverous Beasts of SSARG [Chapter 6: To the Valley of Arrows]

Chapter 6

To the Valley of Arrows

Arallets found herself-daydreaming in the afternoon sun, still high in the branches of a great tree, overlooking the terrain below, slightly opened eyed; curious she was to insure there were no beasts about. She had fallen asleep on his shoulder, and had just awoken but a few minutes ago, awoken to find herself on Tangor’s shoulder, half asleep, when she found herself in this position, she quickly turned away from him, moved backwards, she liked his muscular shoulder but she was still offended from before, his remark. Perhaps she was not good enough for him, was a thought in her mind, a thought, she thought might be circulating in his mind also.

She had had six hours sleep, days were long here, 72-hours to a day, and six hours to a night, total 72-hours. Sleep that was much needed.

Tangor knew Moirommalit’s were well known for their flat facial affects, there hardness of heart, and unemoitonalness, but she was not of that type, she must have had an ounce of her father’s blood in her. He was thinking it was King Ahta’s blood, but of course he did not know.

At this stage of his journey, Tangor simply wanted to get as far away as he could from the rats, and hopefully back to his ship before the vipers destroyed it.

Tangor, said to Arallets, with an explicit tone to his voice: “I’m very hungry for real food, protean, not all this papaya crap, I got it up to my nose, how about some of that Lomo Saltado, I had once in Peru, on earth, good rice with potatoes, and onions, and big hunks of soft choice beef.”

Arallets, knew Tangor had a good sense of direction, his instincts were excellent, he had traveled the universe over, and now her sassiness, or better put, over sense of worth in a world that cared less for her, was diminishing, and she appreciated Him. Just like arriving at the edge of the woods, Tangor knew if they continued going eastward they would eventually be at the woods end. As now they had arrived, and it was morning, Arallets saw Tangor looking about, for the umpteenth time, and then he said, “Let go!”

In The Valley of Arrows
[The Plains]

It was a considerable distance they had gone, perhaps a few hundred miles if not more in the tree world; now standing on solid ground felt good to both of them.

There was a valley in front of them, evidently they had gone quite far to the east and then shifted somehow west, for according to the map, it was the plains in front of them. And Tangor remembered in the plains was the Valley of Arrows Siren had told him about it. Now he got deliberating where or which way he was to go from here. If he went straight north, he’d be in the Bear Country, if he went northwest, he’d be in King Ahta’s domain; if he went northeast, he’d be in the heart of the Manticore valleys and rocky plains: matter-of-fact, they were closer at this point to that area than any other area. Should they go west, they’d circle around the woods and end up by the mound area again, where the Viper’s Fortress was, where they started from, and beyond that Viper Country, where his spaceship was, but circling around involved sticking close to the woods, and that was loaded with searching rats for them at the moment. His decision to be made had a lot of variables to it.

How he missed his ship! Ever since he was a kid he wanted to be a space traveler, adventurer, and have his own ship, and now he had one, had it for a very long time also, and here he was stuck on this savage and primitive planet, which his ship in the possession of some mad vipers, were ready to destroy it.

They walked a ways, collecting their thoughts, and found themselves–like it or not–in the Valley of Arrows, part of the central plains of the Planet, where it seemed every other section of the planet connect to or from–in one way or another. That is to say, if one wanted to get to another areas of the planet, they normally would have to cross this land, or perhaps go through the dark part of the planet, and that would not be prudent, for no one had–yet.

It was to Tangor, a mysterious planet, just as Siren had told him it would be, had he ever a notion to visit it. An unnatural planet to say the least, where the beasts had reason, and vocabulary, and red crystal eyes, and walked light on the ground, and was controlled somehow, by it sections. Meaning, the rats, vipers, bears, Manticore, and so forth, all stayed in their birth regions, which seemed to be the only real habitual place for them–in the long run. It was once challenged by the Mantic ore’s, to live in the Mound area with Siren the Great, only to find out, the air, or whatever it was, made them ill to the point of death, and quickly had to move back to their abode in the northeast region of the planet. And once the bears were chasing Siren, but would not leave their mesas, and thus, Siren escaped. Should they have I wonder what, but they of course did not, would not, dare not to.

“We shall stop here,” said Tangor.

More Than Thanksgiving Food: Interesting Facts About The Turkey

A food lover’s delight, an ecstasy for the taste buds; there’s no denying the fact that the turkey makes for a great dinner – one that all food lovers would look forward too. Every year on Thanksgiving this bird sends the taste buds of 95% of Americans into raptures. Even as we savor the turkey there are interesting facts about this about this bird that we often don’t care to take note of.

Let’s take a look – 1) Research says that the turkey is over 10 million years old and has its origins in North and Central America. However, this ruling bird of Thanksgiving, the turkey, was domesticated in Mexico, where it was a bird of sacrifice. 2) There are two species of turkey – The North American Wild Turkey and The Central American Ocellated Turkey. 3) Farm-raised turkey cannot fly. Only wild turkeys have the ability to fly for short distances and are the fastest runners on ground among all birds. 4) They’re found in all US states except Alaska. Alaska it’s too cold for the turkeys. 5) American Indians were very fond of hunting wild turkeys because of its tasty flesh and for its feathers. The feathers of a turkey were used in arrows and to decorate their ceremonial attire. 6) Turkeys were once used to remove green worms from tobacco plants. 7) Benjamin Franklin had proposed in 1776 that the turkey be made the official symbol of the nation. However ultimately the bald eagle was chosen. Franklin later noted in a letter to his daughter “the turkey is a much more respectable bird, and withal a true original native of America.” 8) The Thanksgiving turkey is also well-known for its eggs, which are about double the size of the eggs of chicken. 9) A turkey egg takes approximately 28-30 days to hatch. 10) A baby turkey is called a ‘poult’ and is tanned brown in color. 11) A male turkey is called a Tom while a female turkey is called a Hen. Only Toms can gobble. Hens communicate with clicking noises or pseudogobbles. 12) A hen can lay upto 100 eggs. 13) A full-grown turkey has about 3500 feathers approximately. 14) The long, loose piece of skin hanging from a turkey’s neck is known as ‘wattle’. 15) A group of turkey is known as a flock. 16) Turkeys have a great sight, great hearing, great sense of taste, but a very poor sense of smell. 17) The Guinness Book of World Records holds that the largest weight recorded for a turkey (after having been dressed and cooked) is 86 pounds. This turkey-fic record was made on December 12, 1989. 18) The turkey industry is a very popular industry in the US, grossing over $1 billion each year. 19) An average American consumes about 15 pounds of turkey every year. On the day of Thanksgiving, Americans treat themselves to about 675 million pounds of turkey. 20) California consumes more turkey than any other US state.

21) In the historical 1969 voyage to the moon, the food packets of US astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin had roasted turkey and all other trimmings.